We Are The Night

It was night. Darkness now replaced the sun’s rays of lights as twinkling stars shined beautifully in the sky over the sleeping metropolis. A woman stood by the window of her lavish hotel suite overlooking the view of the concrete jungle holding a glass of fine red wine. For her, it was enchanting. The mesmerizing picturesque scene of city was vision and almost unrecognizable because it was different world knew. Her world revolved around the night and her only light were those shimmering diamonds scattered across the darkness that acted as hope. She took sip of the expensive wine and held the glass close to her. Her brown curls fall over eye, as she was deep in thought. This hotel room was her only glimpse into what an enchanting place the world is. It reflected beautiful blessing and a terrible curse of the life she chose.

“You always get lost looking out this window”

A mysterious man wrapped his arms around her petite waist and hugged her tightly from behind. His warmth. His softness. His breath tinkling the small hairs on neck. They were so intoxicating to her. She felt comfort with him.

“It was always my favorite thing about this city. I love looking at the city at night from above. You get see its pulse. It’s beautiful” she said. He nestled his face into her soft hair and inhaled in her invigorating scent.

“I told you I would give anything you wanted” he whispered. “I would give you everyday if that meant making you happy” He held her tighter.

“My job is please your needs, Michael. You don’t have worry about what I need or want” Her tone had hardened as an icy persona began to wash over her. She moved away from his grasp and turned to face him. He looked into her eyes. They clouded with anguish and hopelessness. There was a beauty that drenched in despair. Her mystery enticed him. He looked perplexed. Her facial expression never changed once. He was used to their mind games. She would fall into his arms only to push him away and throw daggers into his heart. She would tease him with her lips and touch just to lure him in then push him away.

He smirked. He took the glass of wine from her hands and placed it on the bed stand. He went back over to her and brought her into his arms once more. He gazed at her. What a true beauty she was. It was divine. Her lips were plumped and soft like rose petals. The light that danced off her face was captivating as her eyes that hide the darkness of her past behind them. The contours and curves of her form were perfection. She was proof that God could create something so unimaginable breathtaking. The softness of her designer chemise was tease. Not even the finest satin in the world could compare to the touch of her flesh.

“It pleasures me even more to think of your needs and wants, Christine” he replied.

“If you say so but I didn’t know high power businessmen like yourself cared about other people’s feelings so much” she said with a smirk. He chuckled as he brushed his lips against her. She was tempting without even trying. He planted a small delicate kiss on her lips before forming a smile on his lips.

“Must you always be so defensive around me?” he asked. “Can’t I ever just see you and get a honest answer”

“If you want honesty I’ll have to double my rate” she cheekily replied. His face turned serious.

“I’m serious. Why your wall so high? Why can’t you ever relax?” he asked.

She sighed. Her vulnerability began to show. “Because I know you Michael and I told you before why I can’t tell how I feel. If I’m weak even for a moment around then that will only lead to trouble. I only be with you when it’s like this”

“I could take you away” he said. “I want to have all of you and know you’ll still be by my side in the morning”

She chuckled. “You should know better than anyone that my profession doesn’t include too many daytime hours”

“There must be a price I can pay to persuade you otherwise. It’s not like I can’t afford it” he said with a playful grin.

“There are things in this world even your money can’t buy I’m afraid. Nothing makes a rich powerful man angrier than a woman he can’t put a price tag on me. It infuriates him to no end”

She walked away from him and sat on the edge of the luxurious king-sized bed. She crossed her legs and leaned back slightly. Her plush lips tempted him from afar. The tresses of her chestnut hair made her look wild and untamed. The look in her eyes was smoldering. Her poker face was on. She was seducing him effortlessly. He couldn’t understand the power she held over him. He bit his lip and walked over to her. The unexplainable phenomenon that was their attraction proved to intrigue both of them and only drove dangerously closer.

He stood over him looking down with lustful eyes at her beauty. He took his hand and cupped her small face with his thumb grazing her pillow lip. She looked up at him and smiled devilishly.

“I hope your little Q&A session is over. I would like to get started with some unfinished business we have”

Before he could reply, his thoughts fell on death’s ears when he saw her reach for his pants and started unbuckling his pants. She slowly slid his pants revealing his swelling erection concealed by his designer boxer briefs. Her smiled widened. Her anticipation was building. Once she playful took off his briefs, he began expose to her. This was the part she loved the most. His breathing hitched once she caressed him in her small hand and massaged his long member pleasurably. Her grip began to tighten around him. The sensation coursed his body. A moan escaped from his lips. He took his hands and massaged her scalp as he tangled his fingers in her hair. She continued to pleasure him working her hands and tongue in ways that made him delirious from the illicit feeling and joy that were surging through him. Her hypnotic rhythm of explosive highs and teasing low were exhilarating. It was nothing short of spectacular. She never ceased to amaze him on what wonders she could do with her tongue. She was very talented when it came to the art of seduction.

The escort took his member out her mouth and looked at him. A sinful provocative glee shimmered in her seemingly innocent eyes. She licked her lips and smirked. His member throbbed in her hands. She was challenging him. He happily accepted.

The businessman grabbed her and thrown her back against the expensive Egyptian cotton bed sheets. They kissed passionately as they let their lust consume them. He grabbed her designer satin slip and took off her, throwing it recklessly on the floor. They drank the sight of their exposed forms as their lips found their way back to each other. He began gently squeeze her breasts. She moaned. The delectable sound was beautiful just like her. His finger found their way to her rosy nipples and began tease her. Their tongues danced to a seductive rhythm. They had created a world all their own, celebrating their passion on those soft sheets. She was a goddess that only appeared at night. Her beauty was effortless. He worshipped her magnificence by pleasing her in ways that would make her cry out in ecstasy.

“You’re gorgeous” he whispered in her ear. She could feel the heat rise and her cheeks were flushed. She couldn’t help but smile that made her face even more radiate.

“You’re so kind. Almost too kind”

Before their conservation could go any deeper, she pulled him into her grasp as their lips collided. She had to guard herself. No matter how magical his words may have seemed or how beautiful they were, he was still a man. The truth was inescapable. The fantasy that he craved from her could never come true. This reality was all she could offer him.

Her aching need for him became only more desperate with his tantalizing touch. The thoughts of their conservation became lost once his hands made their way to her wet sex. His fingers teasingly grazed against her sweetness that made her senses dance with excitement. She arched her back with illicit waves of pleasure rushing down her spine. He grabbed his throbbing manhood and entered her at long last. The euphoric sensation fulfilled her lustful desires. Sounds of blissful pleasure bounced off the walls of the lavish suite as he began to move in-sync with each other. She clenched his shoulders tightly as his pace grew faster with each passing moment. His eyes were glazed over as they rode the captivating rush of sexual bliss flourishing the room with their heavenly ambiance. His thrusts only became more desperate as he could control the pleasurable shockwaves igniting throughout his body fueled by the melodic ecstasy in the moans that escaped her plush lips. Her thoughts were scattered and became incoherent as the bed rocked under them. Her hands moved down his sculpted back while tracing the outlines of his muscles under his smooth skin. She moved his pelvis against his keeping up with his rapid pace. They were reaching the peak being guided solely by their need for the other. Her cheeks were tinted with a rosy shade of red; eyes were lost in an exhilarated trance and lips that looked like enticing enough to make this night start all over. At that moment, she belonged to him and him alone. They climaxed together with pleasure overreaching the highest points of Nirvana locked in each other’s eyes.

They both drowsily separated their sweaty bodies away from each other. The businessman got up towering the young escort in sexual triumph and admired at her magnificence. He could find happiness in her lips, excitement in her eyes, and heaven in her body that could make even the angels above blush. She was dazed, tattering over the lines of dreams and reality. He walked over the bathroom and proceeded to clean himself off. Once done, he emerged the grand bathroom cutting the lights off throughout the suite. When he walked back over to her, she had already fallen asleep. He smiled as gently moved their bodies under the soft sheets. He reached to turn off the last light on the bed stand and turned to look down her angelic face shrouded in darkness. Sadness soon creped over him for he knew that she would not be there in the morning. Their romance did not exist outside the world behind the window of the room. They were the night and the wonders of their sexual highs were hidden under its twinkling stars. In the morning, she will vanish and any trance of her existence will disappear as if the night had never occurred. They were a secret that was too thrilling for the world they knew. With one last glimpse, he laid his head on the pillow next to her and embraced her body one last time before night became morning and she was gone once again.

The End.

Until the next time,

xoxo The Vixen

© Copyright 2013-14


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