High For This

‘There’s never anything on TV anymore’ he thought. ‘It’s a complete waste of money’. David lay across the sofa, suffocating from the boring and tired display of network programming. He rested his head against the small couch pillow surfing the chaotic tide of channels that started to blend together. It was a Thursday evening in the luminous city of New York. He should have been causing chaos in some random bar, blowing through his hard earned money on the likes of Jack Daniels or Captain Morgan but he chose not to for reasons he couldn’t begin to explain because he didn’t understand it himself. He decided to pass on the debauchery and sinful pleasures that city nightlife tempted him with and closed himself off from the world in his tiny apartment. Despite his honorable choice of not drowning in alcohol, he had still yet to solve the problem of his dreariness.

No sooner then he did fish the corners of his mind for answers, a solution in the form of his beautiful long-legged girlfriend walked out of his bedroom.

“Someone looks bored” she smiled, it was the sweetest yet most lustful thing he’s ever seen. She leaned against the wall in the entrance of his bedroom. She was wearing one of his collard shirts for work and her black bed hair made the usual soft-spoken girl looked like untamed seductress. Her exotic dark brown eyes shimmered and her skin was a beautiful cinnamon. David looked at the masterpiece before him and smirked. He had very good taste.

“I almost forgot you were sleeping in there, how was my queen’s sleep?”

“It was needed that’s for sure, work tires me out”

“I thought that was my job.” he said with a smirk. He could see the tint of pink grace her cheeks. She walked over and lay beside him on the leather sofa. She pushed the strands of her away from her face, allowing him to get a better glance at her perfect face. She kissed him innocently on the lips. At that moment, he forgot about ever being bored.

“You always have a way of making me smile, Christine”

“One of my many talents”

“I’m lucky to have such a multi-talented girlfriend then” he said. They kissed again with a bit more passion.

“You looked like you were dying on this couch”

“I was”

“I might be able to help you with that” A sinister smile appeared on her plush lips as she got up and travelled back into his bedroom. He was curious. What did she exactly have up her sleeve? She re-emerged from his chamber with her hand behind her back. Her slender form walked in front of him where their eyes met. They were full of mischief like she had formed the perfect playful yet sinful scheme.  She took her small hands from behind her back to reveal a perfectly rolled blunt. His eyes widened as she brought it to her mouth when she took her other hand from behind her and revealed a lighter. A flame appeared as the end of the blunt began to disappear into the ember as she inhaled its richness. She took the blunt from her face and proceeded to come closer to him. She sat on her knees, directly in front of his face. He was on edge, not moving an inch. She placed a kiss on his lips passionately. He parted his lips and inhaled the illicit drug’s essence drenched in her sweetness. His body tingled with a euphoric sensation. She moved away slowly and a smile formed on his lights as she watched him exhale, reeling in pleasure and delight. She always did come up with the best plans.

She placed the lighter on the small coffee table next to her. She picked up the remote and turned the television off. He had forgotten it was ever on. She moved closer to him with a contagious, sexy smirk.

“Take a trip to Neverland with me” she said seductively as she took another pull. At that moment, all he could think about the paradise she spoke of time and time again and be anointed with its purity. He wanted to travel to the promise land filled with the sweet fragrance of ganja with her.

“Where would I be without you?” he asked.

“On couch bored and alone” She handed him the blunt. He smiled.

“Well thank God I have a girlfriend named Christine who takes care me and gets me drugs” He took the blunt to his lips and inhaled.

“Yes, you should be thankful man cause this beats anything on TV” She watched the smoke float around his face as he inhaled again. He let the smoke escape slowly as he sat up and lay against the plush sofa. She got up and sat next to him. He passed it over to him.

“You’re right. I much rather be doing this, especially since it’s with you” She exhaled the smoke and let a small giggle out.

“Babe, you’re so sweet”

It was his turn to smile. “I mean it Christine, you know that”. He took the blunt from her hand and took another pull. His mind started to cartwheels and his senses heighten. The exhilarating effects of the drugs started to settle in. He could almost see Neverland as it wasn’t far from his grasp.

“You’re so high right now” she laughed. Her eyes were slits tinted with light redness. Her cheeks were flushed. She looked delectable.

“You should talk.” he said in response. He grabbed her this waist and pulled her closer until their noses touched teasingly. David could feel her heart race, as her breathing got heavier. Her small hands glided against his face gently as if she was exploring the surface of his skin. She smiled. His eyes were just as red. He was as high as a kite in the sky.

She jumped on his lap with a devilish grin on her lips taking another hit from the intoxicating drug before bending over and placing on the table behind her. She turned to me, brushing the loose strand of her hair that was the same color of the nigh sky and was at that moment was devoured by her seemingly innocent darkness. His fingers grazed her cheek as they travelled into her hair as he formed a tight grip on them. He pulled her closer, letting their lips touched for the first time in hours yet it seemed more like weeks. She passionately returned her love in their sweet kiss and soon they built up a hunger for each other and slowly let their lust consume them. Their kiss became more desperate and soon both her hands were lost in the softness of their flushed cheeks. She pushed back into the couch as he wrapped his other arm around her thin waist. Soon his hands began to travel down the curve of her backside, marveling in the beauty and contours of her feminine shape, stopping at her round voluptuous bottom. He wanted her and he would have her.

He pushed both of their bodies off the couch and his hands to travel up her – or rather his, shirt as making his way to her breasts. He gently touched her aroused rosebuds and the sensation surged throughout his body. He began to unbutton the cotton-collared shirt and once he released the last button he slowly pushed the garment off her body. Her bosom laid marvelous in all its glory in front of him and he almost lost control completely. He leaned in closer and grabbed her breasts firmly causing her to moan in ecstasy. He sucks lightly on her rosy nipples and let his tongue toy with her sensitive buds. Her body twitched with lust going up her spine, paralyzing her with waves of pleasure and desire. He began to use his fingers on the other and toy with her nipple by squeezing on it lightly, working on both her pleasure spots simultaneously. She let out another moan. She was being ravished by his want, his desire, his lust and she let it swallow her.

He brought his lips back to her face as he wrapped himself around lifting her in his arms and getting off the couch. He turned them around as she hold onto her muscles as he slammed her back into the cushions of the couch. Their lips never parting for air for once lost in their own desperation for each other. He began to remove her shirt as she assisted in a messy frenzy, their need eating away at them from the inside.

“I need you to take me” she let out in a soft whisper. Her eyes were closed. Her body was on autopilot as was his. They both became entangled in their own fantasy and longing for each other.

He began to remove her soaked panties, the last barrier between him and her naked body as she unbuckled his pants. Once they both achieved their mission, he pushed his pants down to his knees and lifted her up in the air once again. He parts her luscious cheeks and he inserted himself into her soaked sweetness. He became to thrust, creating a rhythm to their our sexual rhapsody with their bodies as they heard their skin make contact with each thrust.

She cried out to him. “More please” she moaned. Her screams echoed within the walls of his apartment. They didn’t care who heard them. They were enamored with each other’s beauty.

His thrusts became more desperate and increased in rapid succession, each one sending shock waves pulsating in her sweetness and spreading to her fingertips. His eyes were clouded as he became consumed more and more by his desire. Her screams got louder. They were lost in each other’s high and their love.

“Cum for me baby”

Her sultry voice did it for him. They both cried out in sexual triumph and climaxed. The sweat glistened off their skin as if their warriors who just conquered the land. The lustful woman smiled devilishly and kisses her lover deeply which he gladly returned her passion.

They parted. “You always know how to live up a party don’t you?” he asked her. He still held her body tightly.

“I have to. You would so bored without me if I didn’t”

“I think still lost in my high”

“We both are” she smiled.

“How about we discussed this further in my bed?” he asked with a smirk.

“It’s your house which means it’s your rules. Do as you please”

She always did have a sexy sense of humor and she adored that about her. His arms continued to embrace her body as he walked them into his bedroom and shut the door behind him leaving the both of them to unwind from their intoxicating high and become lost to the world and their desires.

The End.

Until the next time,

xoxo The Vixen

© Copyright 2012-13


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