Too Far? Is Victoria’s Secret Pushing their luck with another controversy?

  There’s an old saying that goes “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”. In the case of Victoria’s Secret, the message of this phrase applies to their questionable decisions when it comes to their … Continue reading

A Treat from the Far East: Shanghai Lingerie Design Week Wrap-Up

While we have our festivities celebrating fashion in lingerie over in the States and all across Europe, the streets of Shanghai are lit up with a wave of fashionistas dedicated their passion of the itty bitty garments with the presence … Continue reading

Amazing: Agent Provocateur Gives Back with Lingerie London 2012

While everyone is dealing with the Hurricane Sandy on the east coast and celebrating Halloween elsewhere, the streets of London were buzzing with an inticing, show stopping runway show from our favorite raunchy lingerie maven, Agent Provocateur. The British lingerie powerhouse … Continue reading

A French Delight: Meet Designer Zahia Dehar

When she isn’t causing a media frenzy across international headlines for underage prostitution and being a famous footballer’s “birthday present”, Karl Lagerfeld’s latest muse and protege has become a fashion darling in the world of high-end luxury designs. She made … Continue reading

Big Announcement! Victoria’s Secret Announces the Performers for their Annual Fashion Show

It’s that time of year again! The lingerie event of the year is approaching and on December 4th, television sets across the country will be tuned in to the sexy, vivacious Angels of the Victoria’s Secret runway. Last year we … Continue reading