Finally! Dita Von Teese’s Lingerie Collection is Made Available for International Fans!

  As a lingerie aficionado, it is impossible to not fall in love with the beauty and elegance that is Dita Von Teese. She reflects a timeless art known as burlesque and brought it back with a modern twist so … Continue reading

Milan Fashion Week Buzz: La Perla and Agent Provocateur SS 2013 Events

The enchanting city of Milan was glowing as the fashion elite of Europe and all over descend on the city for Milan Fashion Week. As top designers dominate the catwalks, showcasing one-of-a-kind elegant designs, the treats for under your garments were just as show-stopping and luxurious as the ready-to-wear. Lingerie giants La Perla and Agent Provocateur celebrate the fashionable occasion with events of their own.


La Perla had a romantic night in the Palazzo Clerici garden for a preview of the Spring/Summer 2013. As always, the designer displayed charismatic and timeless pieces with a edge for their latest masterpieces. The show looked like it was the setting out of a romantic nineteenth century novels as the pages began to unfold so  did the rich lace mixed with ruffles to create whimsical masterpieces.


Meanwhile in the sex-driven paradise of Agent Provocateur, the intimates retailer held a fabulous party featuring the presence of international sensation Kylie Minogue. The retailer held no expense when it came to adorning the guests with sexy models, steamy lingerie, and luxurious atmosphere.

All we got to say is we need to get some frequent flyer miles and makes our way to vivid mecca of fashion but for now we’ll just admire them across the ocean.


Here’s video of La Perla Romance Night from Milan Fashion Week

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Frederick’s of Hollywood Revamps Their Image

In this world of bras and frilly panties, each designer tried to make their own unique mark in the lingerie realm. Like any industry, you have the heavy-hitters, the independents, and the budding, ambitious newcomers. For Frederick’s of Hollywood, I like to think of them as the “Fairy Godmother” to all of us. Founded in 1947, Frederick’s is an oldie but goodie in the intimates industry and like everything in business, if you want to keep people talking and stay relevant, you have to go with the flow and welcome the inevitable changes that come with life. The lingerie retailer has been a staple of the intimates fashion sphere since the days of the vivacious Bettie Page and despite it’s hardships as a company, it has managed to stand the test of time and has a remained a force to reckoned with.

Just recently, Frederick’s decided to revamp it’s catalogue, or “brand-zine”, with more class instead of the sometimes raunchiness it was known for in the past. Unlike the images of Frederick’s scantily clad past, the “brand-zine” will look more  the elegant pages of high end fashion magazines that will appeal to a more modern and contemporary customer who wants the elegance sexual appeal to the lingerie. With a classy catalogue also comes the debut of a new luxury brand called Harriett. These two big moves are not only to help the company appeal to a more contemporary consumer but also to help it compete with a Victoria’s Secret dominated land. The Angels are known with their dominance over luxury and affordable lingerie and in order for the long-time intimates retailer to survive, it has to be able to compete on their level and that involves being about to appeal to a mainstream audience.

We’re looking forward to seeing more from the makeover of the old-time favorite and we most definitely want them to stick around longer so they can continue producing fabulous pieces lingerie that we adore so much.

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