Too Far? Is Victoria’s Secret Pushing their luck with another controversy?

  There’s an old saying that goes “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”. In the case of Victoria’s Secret, the message of this phrase applies to their questionable decisions when it comes to their … Continue reading

Uh oh! Victoria Secret Faces Backlash From ‘Sexy Little Geisha’ Outifit

Mega lingerie retailer, Victoria’s Secret got into some hot water recently. The company recently released their “Go East” Collection and one of the pieces are causing some massive backlash. The piece is a sheer Eastern-inspired teddy dubbed ‘Sexy Little Geisha’ has people up in arms saying it’s offensive and racist.

Since the debut of the this collection weeks ago, it has cause a firestorm of debate and causing people to lash out at the lingerie retailer for the over-sexualize image of the Eastern stereotype. Victoria’s Secret only response has been to take the collection off their website almost as if it was never there but critics are saying that’s not enough and they have to learn their lesson.

Personally, I have my own thoughts on this issue. I can see both sides and as a woman of color and minority, I can see where the backlash is coming from but let’s hear your opinions! Take our poll and leave your opinion.

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