The Story Behind the Vixen

Ever since I could remember, I have always had a love affair with a notebook and a  simple pen that could produce the most elegant handwriting and help me create imaginary worlds while describing a paradise along with people that were created with my mind. Even though I have been published and written everything from poetry, articles, essays, and even short stories, writing was always still a hobby and nothing more. I never thought I could do anything with it – I didn’t think there was a place for my writing but I learned how wrong I was.

As a proud college graduate of the class of 2012 at Sacred Heart University located in a small suburb of Connecticut, I came back to the concrete jungle to do some much needed soul searching. My path lead me back to writing but I had to find my voice. What did I want to say? What would I write? I needed direction.

One day I was looking at the pages of some elite fashion magazine and then it hit me, I loved fashion, why can’t I write about that? I had been working in fashion and retail since I was 17 years old working for places like Abercrombie & Fitch, Elie Tahari, and even showrooms across the city. I wanted to be apart of the fashion world but I couldn’t find my niche. So I decided to combine the two – I wanted to become a fashion writer.

The one area of fashion I loved the most was actually the area that covered me the least – lingerie. I loved the way a new fresh set of sexy lace and sheer made me feel and how it hugged my curves. So one day while I was rummaging through the many, many pages of Google Search I came across a publication called The Lingerie Journal. The rest, as they say, is history.

I gave myself the name “The Vixen” (my real name is Dana) because that’s what I became whenever I looked or tried on new lingerie and explored the world of intimates. It was name that displayed confidence and strength. I wanted other women to feel that same confidence and strength. They had a right to feel sexy too no matter what size, color, or age you are.

Now I am the Associate Fashion Editor for premier online fashion magazine Fashion Reverie and writing about my fascination with lingerie, writing articles to please the fashion cravings of all my readers and I’m only growing. Now I have my own website to say what I want to say and give in my two cents. Hope you stay on the ride with me!


The Vixen


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