A Guy’s Guide to the Intimates Shopping


We realize that the world of lingerie can be a tricky place for the poor boyfriend forced into a lingerie boutique by his lace-obssessed girlfriend or perhaps a husband looking to inspire him and his loving wife in the bedroom for their yearly anniversary. A man must simply accept that fact that when he is with a woman there are things a man must put aside his pride and do to keep peace. Since the holidays are coming up and I have decided to take pity on these poor confused souls about to stand into a world they were never truly made to understand. Here are some helpful tips when it comes to your lovely lady in waiting.

Now when it comes to buying lingerie for your special lady, our male readers should remember that knowing you woman is key. If this a gift that you want her to enjoy however  it almost know how your lady will react to this lovely purchase. Remember if you want this to work out in your favor, you have to plan this out carefully. In other words, if you know she’ll have a heart attack at the very suggestion of what you bought, that’s not the present you want to. Think about her personality. Would she enjoy something more fun flirty or would she appreciate a little more elegant? Is she more of shy or is rebellious in bedroom? Think about it like this – a lingerie gift should be a blend of two important things, your fantasy and her comfort. Ultimately it has be something you want to see her because at the end of the day, the idea is to see her in the lingerie and she’ll be expecting the sweetest and sincerest comments from you which is where comfort comes in. If you know she won’t feel easy wearing it then it’s not the best move. The more comfortable she is, the more she loves it, the more you’ll see her in it then the happier you both shall be .

Other factors to remember are size and style. Does she love a certain color she absolutely loves? Maybe you can get her a sexy set in her favorite color. You’ll be seeing a lot of bra with lace accents and even some jeweled stones to give it an extra something. As for size, don’t worry the sales associate will be help you with this part. A good boutique will have sales people that will be able to assist with that if you don’t know. If that’s too complicated you can always choose a beautiful baby doll or chemise which usually comes in general sizes you will probably be more familiar with (i.e small, medium, etc.).

So remember vixens, if you know a man who doesn’t know what to get his lady for Christmas or if you’re trying to drop the hint to your man what you want this Christmas, tell this read these tips and they should know what to do 😉

Lastly, for those they made a little more help still after reading this, don’t worry. I got you covered.

For more lingerie gift ideas, read our Pink Slip Holiday Guide and last week’s Holiday Spotlight on Cosabella.

Until the next time,

xoxo The Vixen


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