Too Far? Is Victoria’s Secret Pushing their luck with another controversy?


There’s an old saying that goes “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”. In the case of Victoria’s Secret, the message of this phrase applies to their questionable decisions when it comes to their lingerie. Just when it seemed like we were moving from Geisha gate (remember this?), the brand known for giving birth to the world’s most beautiful angels is at it again only this time their eyes are set on the Native American community.

During the taping of the Victoria’s Secret annual fashion show last week, the audience were taken back when supermodel Karlie Kloss walked down the runway in sexy Native American inspired outfit. To add insult to injury, the model even donned a headdress as she floated down the catwalk in what many deemed offensive outfit. This is the second time the lingerie brand has gotten in hot water over ethnic inspired lingerie from the Asian inspired ‘Sexy Little Geisha’ to the latest Native American runway inspiration. Due to the backlash, the company has announced that they will be pulling the look from the televised show airing December 4th while sending their apologies to all that were offended.

Now I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t slightly play devil’s advocate but as I searched the internet, reading various criticisms about the brand and their choice they mentioned that the pieces send a hyper sexualized image of women in both ethnic groups but there are Asian and Native American models who wear lingerie for scandalized images for various magazines and brands yet nothing is said. Isn’t lingerie itself hyper sexualized? It is the one part of fashion that barely covers you and thousands of ads showcasing women wearing nothing but a bra and panties are spread across magazines, television, and the internet. Or is it the fact that both ethnic designs were modeled by Caucasian models instead of ethnic models. The diversity of Victoria’s Secret models has also been a fierce debate for some time now. Would it have been different if a Native American model had worn the outfit proudly? One must wonder. I’ll just leave it as food for thought.

As for my personal opinion, it was not a wise choice for Victoria’s Secret to make such a reckless move considering they were just in trouble just the same thing just months ago and at your biggest event of the year. You have to ask yourself, “who thought that was a good idea?” . Overall, it was rather dumb decision and the concept should have been shut down before it ever hit the runway.

Until the next time,

xoxo The Vixen


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