Oh Angels: Sneak Peek at the Victoria’s Secret 2012 Fashion Show!

For the past week, New York City has faced hurricanes, power outages, flooding, and even passing snow storms but yesterday night, the city of lights was by the heavenly presence known as the Victoria’s Secret Angels. The annual fashion show held their extravaganza at the Lexington Avenue Armory with bright lights, hot performances, and the Angels gliding down the runway showcasing the latest designs from the lingerie giant. While I’ve never been one to kiss and tell (yesterday was the taping but the show does not air on television until December 4th), I decided it couldn’t hurt to give little sneak peek of what to expect from our favorite Angels to wet your appetite.


Aside from superstar performances from Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Bruno Mars, the runway lit with the latest Victoria’s Secret designs with a festive “Circus” theme, “Dangerous Liaisons”, “Pink Is Us”, “Silver Screen Angels”, “Angels in Bloom”, and “Calendar Girls” that had the audience to see the models strut down the runway. For now, our lips are sealed until December 4th on CBS.

Until the next time,

xoxo The Vixen


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