Shine On! Fred & Ginger Release their Exclusive Limited Edition Diamond Set

While Rihanna’s new anthem ‘Diamonds’ is blazing the charts across the world, one lingerie designer has taken the line “Shine Bright Like a Diamond” to heart. The good designers at Fred & Ginger have crafted a perfect gift for the upcoming with a fabulous lingerie set with a little sparkle to match.

The exclusive lingerie set, inspired by the classic fairytale of Cinderella, features an 18ct yellow gold and a beautiful diamond centered in the middle weighing 0.50ct surrounded by 69 smaller pave diamonds courtesy of London jeweler, Diablom’s. Now before you worry about your knickers beginning outshines by your dazzling bra, don’t worry, the bottoms have 4 sparkling diamonds of their own so you can shine brilliantly from head to toe and available in black, navy, gold, or ivory. While the price tag is a wooping 25,000 euros (31,917 USD dollars), let’s not forget that diamonds are not cheap toys but once you get one they last forever. If you’re looking to make a special lady out there you’re own Cinderella and give her something she’ll always remember, Fred & Ginger already have you covered this holiday season.

Now before you rush to your nearest luxury lingerie retailer, Fred & Ginger’s exclusive, limited edition, diamond set in only sold at London retailer, Coco De Mer Covent Garden between November 2nd – December 20th.

Shine on ladies!

Until the next time,

xoxo The Vixen


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