Seductive: Lascivious AW 2012 ‘Lola’ Collection

By now, my vixens should know that I have a love affair with the lingerie brands from across the pond. After all, I did an entire post just dedicated to the designers making their mark in the world of intimates (Anyone remember the “British Invasion” article?). When I just started exploring this lovely realm of frilly lace and delectable sheer, I came across a brand called Lascivious and ever since that first moment where I laid my eyes on those gorgeous designs, i’ve been in love with this London-based designer. Their Autumn/Winter 2012 collection has been one of my favorite lingerie collection I have seen this season. With the arrival of winter at our doorstep, I took it upon myself to educate my lingerie loving vixens to the wonderful world of Lascivious and their beautiful designs. Everyone feast your eyes on the ‘Lola’ Collection.


Lola is a bold innovative collection of fine lingerie made with the sole purpose of creating of an alluring silhouette for the female consumer to enhance their curves and showcase their amazing bodies in quality lingerie. The modern designs were created with geometric circle mesh against an contrasting paneling creating a lingerie set that is just as provocative as it is captivating. Lola is must have for any lingerie lover and if you’re looking for unique designs for your closet than look no further this contemprary brand. Lola will be sure to make the Christmas wish lists for many vixens this year 😉

To see more of Lola, click HERE

Until the next time,

xoxo The Vixen


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