Striking: Fleur Of England’s ‘Tiger’ Collection

Winter may be settling in with the holidays on the horizon, one must not forget the importance of colors to one’s wardrobe. Now usually we reserved flashing colors for summer time but that doesn’t mean your lingerie only has to stay in one color palette. Our search for color lead me to Fleur of England’s striking ‘Tiger’ collection and from the bold color to the electric style, we can see why Tiger is both a unique find as well as “must-have” for your lingerie wardrobe.


Inspired from the beauty of grace of a tiger, the essence of this collection simply ravishing. The striking blaze of orange sets it apart giving the average lingerie something different for their closets. Besides being obsessed with the color, we loved the tiger striped lace detailing against the sheer Italian tulle panels that give the pieces an extra pop. Between the fabric and the blazing orange, Fleur of England retains its style with an unique approach inspired from one of nature’s most beautiful animals. The orange will be soon to flatter your figure while bringing something different for your lingerie closet.

To see more of the Tiger Collection, click HERE

Until the next time,

xoxo The Vixen


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