The Art of Seduction: Leg Avenue’s Burlesque Collection

The art of burlesque is as old as the test of time and has transformed into more than just sexy dance or a way to seduce a man. It is vivid, colorful, and elegant dance that can turn a woman’s curves into a brilliant art form through theatrics, dance, and music. While I’m trying to embrace my inner Dita Von Teese and Gypsy Rose Lee, the art of burlesque often offers great inspiration for many lingerie designers. The fine lingerie lovers at Leg Avenue are no exception especially since they dedicated an entire collection to the sultry art.


When I first this collection, I thought this was amazing. It was sexy retro inspired pin up mixed with the spice and allure of Ms. Von Teese herself with a contemporary touch. It was a beautifully crafted collection that blended the vintage inspired with the modern style of sex appeal of today in an elegant fashion. It was safe to say I was very impressed with the creativity that went into their designs and their fun, flirty sex appeal. With their daring designs, sexy lace detailingAs a female, who has always adores the star-studded world of burlesque, this collection is perfect for a lover of lingerie who also appreciates the craft and is looking for something that flatter their subtle curves.


If you’re interested in seeing the rest of their collection, click HERE

Until the next time,

xoxo The Vixen


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