50 Shades of Provocative Intimates: Bordelle & 50 Shades of Grey S&M Inspiration

It is no secret that I have become a huge fan of the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy and the provocative love story between the dashing Christian Grey and the shy Anastasia Steele who learns to accept her inner sexual goddess. As their love story began to unfold so did the sex and as their love got deeper, their sex became more passionate and down right dirty. Once you read the first book, it’s easy to see how these little naughty books made their way into the hearts of women (and even some men) everywhere. With the popularity of the new erotic tale came the inspiration for lingerie companies to stir the public’s newfound obsession with these sexual adventures. However before 50 Shades of Grey, S&M was already an inspiration for one lingerie powerhouse and I thought the two were a match in a Red Room of Pain (if you don’t know what that means that’s your queue to order your copy the book ASAP). Let’s take a look to the world of whips, chains, sexual desire that is Bordelle:


Now when we look at Bordelle, I can just imagine Christian Grey having his love and obsession, Anastasia Steele wear these high-end designs by the British designer. Every time I look at these sultry lingerie pieces I think about the times Chrisitian wanted to tie her up and have his way with her. If Bordelle could create a love story, I honestly believe it would be the 50 shades of Grey trilogy but this brand goes beyond just the sex appeal, Bordelle gives the world S&M glamour and elegance that can make  even the most conservative woman think twice about buying some treats for her special someone at home and channel her inner Anastasia Steele. While Bordelle may have been around longer, the erotic trilogy has opened the world of S&M and the lust for sexual adventure into the homes of millions. It seems like everyone wants a piece of the fun nowadays and companies like Bordelle get to reap all the benefits.


Bordelle is the epitome of erotic couture that can inspire any woman to tap into their inner goddess just as Anastasia Steele did. So if your bedroom is looking for some inspiration, don’t worry my vixens I have your answer by way of the UK. Remember there is nothing wrong with dialing up the spice in your sex life because no one wants to live in a world with no magic. We all have an inner desire and while some of us aren’t always comfortable with it, there is no harm in accepting our nature. So as I keep reading this naughty little adventure while adding some Bordelle to my holiday wish list.

Until the next time,

xoxo The Vixen


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