Designer Spotlight: I.D Sarrieri

When Forbes Magazine recognizes you as one of the top luxurious names in the lingerie business, it is safe to say that this brand must be glittering in diamonds embroidered in their bras and teddies and while they actually be glittering through the windows of boutiques everywhere, those diamonds are being the Swarovski crystal detailing the Romanian brand has become known for. I.D Sarrieri has not only become a notable name in lingerie but as the one of top fashion brands for luxury designers appearing his fashionable cities like New York and Paris while appearing in some of the top fashion magazines in the world. Let’s take a look to this high-end lingerie connoisseur .

The creator, Iulia Dobrin, believed that a woman shouldn’t just have “functional” pieces of lingerie but pieces that dripped in glamour and were as beautiful and sophisticated as the clothing she will wear over it. From this idea, elegant modern designs were created representing the stylish lifestyle their admirers were living. It’s not wonder this haute-couture inspired brand is such a favorite with celebrities like  Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz, and Cindy Crawford along with other high-end clientele eager to filled their closets with this trendy lingerie. With rich fabrics, elegant allure, or vintage inspired approach, I.D Sarrieri in the world of lingerie and fashion as a whole.


For their Fall 2013 collection, the brand consisted of a multilayered couture with the contrast of a modern translation of traditional lingerie designs. The collections contained a noir shade color palette with fine lace detailing making while not leaving at the Swarovski element embroidery. The breathtaking collection with it’s iconic glamour shines bright for its autumn customers. It’s still our sexy little secret in the world of lusty desires.

Until the next time,

xoxo The Vixen




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