French Pastries: Meet Our Top French Lingerie Designers

As Paris Fashion Week comes to close marking the end of the Big 4 Fashion Weeks (New York, London, Milan, and of course Paris), we wanted to educated our lovely vixens what French fashionistas wear under their haute couture clothes. Besides being known for delicious pastries and being the mecca of all those romance, the French are also the masters of corsetry and intimates. The French have dominated and revolutionized the world of lingerie all from it’s humble beginnings to the visions of tomorrow. While the European country has tons of amazing designers, we have our top lingerie designers that make out hearts swell with overwhelming joy.

4. Lise Charmel

In the land that give birth to the captivating beauty of haute couture and is the epitome of luxury, Lise Charmel radiates with it’s enchanting beauty. The designer prides itself in giving their customer only the finest and the highest quality with their lingerie. If you’re looking to make a romantic evening with your significant other and create and majestic evening filled with love then look no further than this   delightful French designer.

3. Simone Perele

In the year 1948, Parisian corset maker, Madame Simone Perele had a vision to create lingerie that would liberate woman everywhere and embrace the curves God blessed them with. Madame Perele didn’t believe that a woman should ever have to choose between beauty and comfort, she believed that a woman should be entitled to lingerie that gives her the best of both worlds. Her passion lead to the creation of a sophisticated, classy brand of lingerie that is as comfortable as it was beautiful. Her legion of international admirers knows no bounds and the brand continues to a favorite of lingerie lovers everywhere.

2. Chantelle

With tale as old as time, the story behind this French lingerie brand goes back to humble beginning in the 19th century when women were still bonded by the tight silhouette of the corset. From then on, it has been a journey of innovation and transcendence of the lingerie brand. Chantelle continues to be a favorite for many lingerie connoisseurs and holds a special place in our hearts. It is a leader in the world of French lingerie and continues to evolve over time with unmatched elegance and style. We have nothing but love for this lingerie designer.

1. Aubade

The art of seduction is mastered and done tasteful with the provocative French lingerie brand, Aubade. It’s not simply beautiful lingerie – it has become an iconic symbol of French fashion dripping with glamour and intrigue. Aubade continues to redefine the laws of fashion when it comes to intimates and this unsurpassed continues dish out more and more luxurious and sexy lingerie for the masses. The French brand has become an international sensation with its “Lessons in seduction” teaching women to embrace their inner goddess with its enticing beauty. Aubade will always be sitting on top of throne when it comes to French lingerie and with each new collection that comes back us, we can only sit back and be amazed at the beautiful fashions they are able to create.

With that being said, I think we have a few new adds for our Christmas wish list 😉

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Until the next time,

xoxo The Vixen



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