A French Delight: Meet Designer Zahia Dehar

When she isn’t causing a media frenzy across international headlines for underage prostitution and being a famous footballer’s “birthday present”, Karl Lagerfeld’s latest muse and protege has become a fashion darling in the world of high-end luxury designs. She made even more ruckus when she debuted her whimsical lingerie collection in a beautiful this past summer that was one to remember. Since Paris Fashion Week has come to end, we had to shine a spotlight on this vivacious designer and her creative lingerie designs.

Zahia’s Fall/Winter 2012 – 2013 was not short a magical roller coaster filled with unique, fun designs that have never been on the catwalk. It is safe to say that I was absolutely amazed by the dreamy designs of this young fashionista. The 4 parts of her intimate fairytale:


Iced – filled with capricious snow white designs


Cake & Candy, a fun treat filled with sweet playful pieces

Love, a romantic serenade filled with bold show stopping colors

And last but certainly not least, the Bride, where any lucky woman can be sure to find the latest couture for that special day.

The show overall was stunning and has made people realize why Karl Lagerfeld choose this lovely young woman as his new muse and protege. While she may have big shoes to fill, this budding designer has definitely made a grand entrance into the world of couture and we’re sitting in anticipation awaiting more jaw-dropping designs that will be sure to take us on another magical journey. The French certainly know how to create a rememberable show 😉

Here the video of the Fall Collection Runway show:

Zahia Dehar Autumn/Winter Runway Show

Oh Zahia makes some more lingerie for us to adore soon!

Until the next time,

xoxo The Vixen


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