British Invasion: Our Top Lingerie Designers From Across the Pond

It’s been a big year for our peers across the pond with Olympics and as fashionistas  here in New York go back to their lives, it is now London Fashion Week where’s London’s brightest designers come out and paint the town red with beautiful designs. So in honor of the start of London Fashion Week, we decided to list our top 4 favorite UK lingerie designers. Caution: what you are about to see are some amazingly sexy scantily clad lingerie that may have you saying, “Damn I need that in my life”. Here they are:

4. Myla London

Myla loves to say their style goes from “the boardroom to the bedroom”. This designer is known for their class, elegance, and sophistication with sheer pieces with a playful taste. To think that this is what high-power business women are wearing under their suits is simply amazing and just makes us tingle just thinking about it. Myla encompasses all the different aspects of femininity from regal elegance, glamour, seduction, and all the functions needed to create a great lingerie set. Each season, they continue to ‘wow’ us with beautiful lingerie for the masses and continue to be Britain’s Best Kept Secret.

3. Lascivious 

Women all across Great Britain has been buzzing about the modern, colorful, sophistication that is the Lascivious brand. This designer prides themselves in being carefree and experimental with their pieces and creates innovative designs that excites the eye as well as your bedroom. They refuses to stick only to tradition and lead the pack with fun pieces that creates excitement for their female consumers. Their collection continues to make waves with legions of female fans and celebrity admirers, not to mention the fashion darling in the world of high fashion magazines in the UK.

2. Nichole De Carle

When you think of fine craftsmanship and artistic capabilities of a fashion designer, you will see that all roads lead to Nichole De Carle. Inspired by the bold curves and contour of architectural structures, the unique designs of this British designer stands out of the crowd in a big way. When I first discovered this innovative designer, it took my breath away. I never had seen lingerie like this and there was something alluring and compelling about such fascinating designs. In short, Nichole De Carle is one of the most unique lingerie designer you will come across in the world of lingerie.

1. Bordelle

Before “50 Shades of Grey” invaded the homes of women across the globe, there was one lingerie designer who was inspired by the element of domination, seduction, and raw sexual desire. If you ever had a fantasy that could rival the sexual escapades of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, look no further than London powerhouse, Bordelle. When I first this mythical realm of intimates, Bordelle stood above the rest. It didn’t seem like any else I had seen in lingerie. It was manifested from pure essence of sex and driven by lust, desire, and pleasure while making a woman feel like a phoenix from the flames of passion. The S&M inspired luxury brand continues to be a staple in lingerie not only in London or the United Kingdom but to lingerie lovers across the globe.

And that’s your peek to how London does lingerie.

Until the next time,

xoxo The Vixen


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